Website For Foreign IT Professionals Relocating To Belarus Launched

The dev.by IT portal, together with Belarusian companies, launched Minsk.page for IT specialists willing to relocate to Belarus one day. 

This year, over a hundred foreign IT pros from Russia, Ukraine, the U.S, and Germany moved to live and work in Belarus. Are you one of them or just planning to become?

Minsk.page screenshot

Minsk.page is your catch then. The online guide briefly and succinctly tells about the IT industry in the country, current vacancies, salaries, taxes and benefits, Minsk city itself as an attraction point.

What area is better to settle in, how to pay utility bills, where to have fun in the evening, what services to use and where to travel. These and other of day to day matters can be addressed here.

It will give one a broad perspective on districts and suburbs, main attractions, food and bar scene, Minskers’ favourite places, housing tips, transport, sport and healthy lifestyle options.

Minsk.page screenshot

Looking for like-minded expats or just need some inspiration? Look no further, IT professionals from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, India, USA, Mexico share their relocation stories.

The new project is designed both for those intending to relocate or start a business in Belarus, no wonder, it offers tons of lifehacks and how-toes on paperwork and process.

IT In Belarus: From Electronic Computers To Cryptocurrency

“In Minsk, there is a demand for specialists of all levels. We need experienced programmers, product specialists, managers, business analysts looking for interesting projects with good income.

The infrastructure of metropolis here is combined with the comfort and quietness of a small European city.

This means that visitors don’t need to change their habits: adapt to traffic jams, long distances, and beware of dangerous regions,” says Minsk.page and dev.by publisher Artem Kontsevoy.

There are more than one and a half thousand IT companies in Belarus, the main customers come from the U.S. and Western Europe.

30% of Fortune Global 200 companies worked with HTP residents: Facebook, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Whirlpool, 3M, Amazon.com, Cisco Systems, HP, Oracle, Xerox, Disney, Intel, Apple, IBM, etc.