IOC Excludes Lukashenko And NOC Officials From Olympic Games

On Monday, 7 December,  the International Olympic Committee (IOC) banned Alexander Lukashenko from all Olympic events and activities, including the Tokyo Games next year. IOC Director of Public Relations Christian Claue said this on Twitter.

It is reported that Alexander Lukashenko and members of the Executive Board of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of Belarus are temporarily excluded from attending all IOC events, including the Olympic Games for violations of the fundamental principles of the Olympic Charter.

“This includes in particular Mr Alexander Lukashenko, in his capacity as NOC President and legal representative of the NOC; Mr Viktor Lukashenko, in his capacity as NOC First Vice-President and the person responsible for the NOC’s operations and activities on a daily basis; and Mr Dmitry Baskov, in his capacity as an NOC Executive Board member and in view of the specific allegations raised against him,” the statement reads.

All financial payments to the NOC of Belarus have been suspended too. All Olympic scholarships for Belarusian athletes will now be paid directly to the athletes, and no longer through the NOC. The IOC also requested to make sure that all eligible Belarusian athletes can take part in qualification events for the upcoming Olympic Games without any political discrimination.

Recall that Belarusian athletes have been massively persecuted for supporting the pro-democracy protest movement. Many had to leave the country, others were detained and punished. Earlier it was reported that the IOC launched an investigation against Belarus on suspicions of political persecution of athletes.

“The IOC Executive Board expresses deep concern about the current situation in the sports community of Belarus and will closely monitor its development,” the Belarusian Sports Solidarity Fund was told in response to their appeal after the arrest of Olympic medalist Andrei Kravchenko and the death of Roman Bondarenko.