Investigative Committee Admits Security Forces Killed Taraikovsky, But Won’t Open Criminal Case

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Ivan Noskevich told the details of the inquiry into the death of Alexander Taraikovsky. According to the official, security forces acted in accordance with the law and used non-lethal weapons. They will not initiate a criminal case. The version of the investigation was published in the agency’s telegram channel.

According to the investigation, Alexander Taraikovsky was in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. On 10 August, at about 11 pm, near the Pushkinskaya metro station, he separated the crowd of protesters and “despite numerous warnings from law enforcement officers, headed in their direction.”

“By his actions, Taraikovsky provoked law enforcement officers, they did not know his true motives and purpose of his actions, and taking into account intelligence data about possible terrorist attacks, the protesters having explosives and weapons, they saw him as a real threat to the life and health of both the employees and the protesters.

In this regard, law enforcement officers acted exclusively within the framework of their instructions and used non-lethal weapons against Taraikovsky, their actions were not aimed at killing, but at his physical stop, from a safe distance, excluding death. Due to a number of tragic circumstances, one of the injuries was penetrating, as a result of which Taraikovsky’s death occurred on the spot,” said the chairman of the Investigative Committee.

Noskevich stressed that law enforcement officers acted in accordance with the law: “In these conditions and in a similar situation, they had the right to use non-lethal weapons to prevent more serious consequences, which is in accordance with the current legislation.”

They will not initiate a criminal case on the death of Alexander Taraikovsky.

Death of Taraikovsky

On 10 August, Alexander Taraikovsky was killed near the Pushkinskaya metro station. The last minutes of his life were captured on video, which refuted the initial version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It read: “On 10 August, at about 11 pm, a crowd was building barricades to block the traffic during the riots in Minsk on Pritytskogo Street. During the confrontation with security forces, who arrived to clear the area, one of the protesters tried to throw an unidentified explosive device towards the law enforcement officers. It exploded in his hand, the man received injuries incompatible with life.”

The footage shows: Alexander has nothing in his hands, and he falls to the ground after being wounded in the chest. The official version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was almost immediately refuted by numerous eyewitnesses.

In January, the BYPOL initiative published an audio recording in which a voice that sounds like Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Karpenkov says that the head of state “covered [security forces] from all sides in terms of the use of firearms,” and also reports that Alexander Taraikovsky died from a rubber bullet, which “flew into his chest”.

An independent phonoscopic study proved that the voice on the recording does belong to Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Karpenkov.

Source: TUT.BY