Internet Users Find Steven Seagal’s Belarusian Roots

Steven Seagal visited the capital of Belarus in late August and unexpectedly mentioned his Belarusian origin. As it was found later the actor’s grandfather and grandmother really moved to the USA either from Bobruisk or Minsk.

You’ve probably heard that the Hollywood action hero was recently travelling in Belarus. He got himself a job in IT, made i trip around Minsk and then had dinner with the president Alexander Lukashenko.


The two apparently had good time together discussing carrots and melons from the president’s farm and other things.

Seagal seemed so touched that he mentioned that his relatives were from Belarus. Some found this information interesting.

A Wikipedia user nicknamed Barth found documented evidence of Seagal’s words – copies of immigration documents on Ancestry, a website that stores millions of scanned documents of the people who migrated to the United States.

Several petitions, in which the actor’s grandfather Nathan Siegelman requests US citizenship, were preserved in the archives. In the forms the man indicated several Belarusian towns as his place of origin.


Some details in Siegelman’s applications vary – the archive has several dozens of them – as the man indicated Minsk, or Bobruisk, or Brest as his birthplace. Brest or Brest-Litovsk (the city’s name in the beginning of 20th century note) was named as the birthplace of his wife Dora.

The spelling of the surname varied as well: in some papers Siegelman transformed to Siagal.


The family was requesting naturalization in Providence, Rhode Island. It seems that one of the petitions was approved, and the couple settled in the United States.

Steven Seagal had previously mentioned his Russian and Ukrainian rootes, but said about Belarus as his grandparents’ homeland only when he met Lukashenko.

Well, welcome and see you back soon, Steven!