International Checkpoint May Appear On Belarus-Russia Border

An international checkpoint may be established on the Belarus-Russia border in Krasnaya Gorka village, the Smolensk region.

russi-belarus border

The issue was discussed by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the Governor of the Smolensk region Alexey Ostrovsky on 14 November.

The absence of the international checkpoint is seen as an obstacle that hinders foreign tourists and investors from entering Russia.

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“It has the most negative impact on attracting investment in the region, as well as the development of the tourism industry and international cooperation.”

According to the administration, 75% of goods from Europe to Russia and 35% of Russian goods pass through the Smolensk region.

Why Everyone Thinks Belarus Is A Part Of Russia

In early 2017, Russia established a border control zone on the border with Belarus. Such zones appeared in Bryansk, Smolensk and Pskov regions.

Regional border guards were to establish locations and time for entry and passage of persons and vehicles and install warning signs in the border zone.

Back then the decision was explained by the necessity to detect and prevent illegal migration, drug trafficking, and illegal cross-border transportation.

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The Belarusian side saw it as Russia’s reaction to the introduction of a 5-days visa-free regime in Belarus for citizens of 80 countries.

At present, the third-country nationals can’t cross the Belarusian-Russian border by car, bus or train even if they have a Russian visa.

The two countries have been negotiating the mutual recognition of visas for several years. So far, the agreement has been reached only for the travelers during the 2018 World Cup.