Information Ministry Deprives TUT.BY Of Mass Media Status For Three Months

Belarus’ Ministry of Information will suspend the major online media outlet TUT.BY from 1 October, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

By the order of the Minister of Information Igor Lutsky of 29 September, the opportunity to use the status of an online media outlet will be suspended for TUT.BY from 1 October. The Ministry of Information recalls that mass media outlets can be suspended by the decision of the republican body of state administration in the media field, if a corresponding claim is filed in court. As previously reported, the agency sent a statement of claim to the Economic Court on 18 September, the court session is scheduled for 8 October.

What does it mean?

By order of the minister, from 1 October, TUT.BY will lose its status as a media outlet. At the same time, it will continue to work as an internet resource without a media status.

Recall that the registration of internet resources as online publications in Belarus is voluntary. The media status provides some advantages, in particular, the opportunity to legally be present in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, in areas of armed conflicts or emergencies, at public events, in places of other socially important events and to impart information from there. However, TUT.BY was registered as a media outlet only in January 2019, before that – since its foundation in 2000 – the portal worked without this status.

Advertising services by LLC “TUT BY MEDIA” will be provided as usual. Since 7 August, 2020, TUT.BY has received four warnings from the Ministry of Information.

Source: TUT.BY