How Much Does It Cost To Fly To Belarus From Europe And America? INFOGRAFIC

With everyone rejoicing the opportunity to come to Belarus visa-free for 5 days, the first question that would trouble a traveler is: how expensive the trip will be?


Trick is, you can only arrive and depart by air through Minsk airport, so the cheap options like a lowcost flight plus train are excluded.

Also, while the national airline Belavia is becoming more lenient with its ticket fares, they are still considered high by many.

So is it really so expensive to fly to Minsk from different parts of the globe? It appears that NOT, according to the infographic by 34travel.




* The prices in the infographic are valid on the date of article’s release. Flights with connections in Russian cities were not included, because visa-free entry does not apply to travelers arriving to or from Russia.

Please, notice that the cost of a ticket may be lower if the flight is performed by different airlines. In this case, you’ll have to reclaim the luggage and check it in again by yourself.

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Infographic and photo: 34travel.