Belarus Ahead Of Neighours, All EU Countries In November Inflation Rates

Belarus’s montly inflation rate has overtook all Eurozone countries in November this year, the EU statistical office Eurostat reports.

The country is one of the leaders but not in a good way.

Prices for goods and services in Belarus and other countries significantly differ from prices in the neighbouring countries and the EU members.

Belarus inflation was 0.5% in November, while paid services went up by 0.8%.

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In Russia, prices for goods and services increased by 0.2% (as much in October), with reference to Rosstat data. November inflation in Ukraine was 0.9%.

EU inflation

In the EU and the euro zone, inflation was 0.1% last month.

In Lithuania prices increased by 0.3% compared with October, in Latvia – by 0.1%, and in Estonia and Poland– by 0.4%.

The highest monthly rates in the EU were registered in Romania (+0.6%), followed by Estonia and Poland.

Last month deflation was recorde in Malta, where prices fell by 2.3%, in Cyprus by 1.2%, in Portugal by 1.1%, in Greece by 0.9% and in the Netherlands by 0.4% .

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In Denmark prices decreased by 0.3%, in Italy by 0.2%, in Croatia and Ireland by 0.1%.

Turns out that only the Ukrainians overtook the Belarusians in growth of inflation rates. In other countries life has become less expensive.

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Source: TUT.BY