Women And Chinese. Big Independence Day Parade Rehearsal In Minsk

The capital of Belarus is preparing for the Independence Day celebrations and the military parade, that will take place in the evening on 3 July.

As usual, the rehearsal of the large-scale action draws crowds of onlookers.

Just a few numbers from the Monday’s rehearsal – 4,000 militaries, 26 mechanized columns, 280 vehicles on the ground and around 50 aircraft and helicopters in the sky.

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This year the parade in Minsk will welcome the military from 8 countries – Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, who also marched the streets of the capital on 1 July.

Also, new to the action will be the march of Belarusian policewomen.

Rehearsals of the parade usually draw numerous onlookers, who can observe it at arm’s length. And even take pictures!

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Source: TUT.BY