Belarus Ambassador To Sweden: IKEA Will Double Purchase Volume From Belarus

IKEA is looking for a business developer to work in the Belarusian market. Belarus Ambassador to Sweden Dmitry Mironchik shared the details of cooperation with Sweden-based home furnishing giant.

A lot of ambassadors in Sweden, including myself, are often asked when IKEA will come to their country. After all, this Swedish giant is present in 36 states and territories and buyers from perhaps every country would like to see it in theirs.

ikea belarus sweden mironchik

Ambassador of Belarus to Sweden Dmitry Mironchik

Although there’s no signature blue building and flags with a well-known logo at the entrance to Minsk, in fact, IKEA came to Belarus a long time ago. Flipping through IKEA’s catalog one will see a lot of ‘Made in Belarus’ products.

In order to buy something at IKEA, you must first produce something for IKEA. And this is where we cooperate fairly well,” the ambassador said.

In December 2018, IKEA’s global Purchasing Development Manager Henrik Gunnerling said that Belarus annually produces goods for the Swedish retailer for €80 million.

Gunnerling made the statement at the GO BELARUS seminar, where IKEA invited its suppliers from different countries to create new lines of production in Belarus.

ikea belarus sweden mironchik

“This is a unique case: it is not the state that attracts the concern but the world-renown company has invited its suppliers to invest in a specific country.

Anyway, this is a joint work. We fully support IKEA’s plans to increase purchases in Belarus and are ready to provide all guarantees to investors.

Before inviting the partners, the Swedish concern calculated everything: the raw material base, logistics, markets, investment financing, ”said Dmitry Mironchik.

He noted that since the seminar in Belarus, new companies that are planning to manufacture products under the IKEA brand have already been registered.

“The volume of purchases of products manufactured by Belarusian enterprises is constantly increasing, the annual increase is about 50%.

IKEA Minsk office employees are continuously working on finding potential suppliers in Belarus,” the diplomat specified.

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In the second half of 2019, a special event will be held for the Belarusian public authorities and companies willing to produce for the concern.

“It’s not that easy, you need scale, a high technological level, willingness and ability to meet IKEA requirements in working conditions and ecology.

And the award for the win is worthy: for Belarus, these are new jobs, investments, taxes and export earnings for the years to come,” Mironchik added.

According to the diplomat, IKEA is now planning to double the volume of purchases from Belarus in the coming year, which is more than Belarus’ exports to other big European countries.

IKEA experts develop product designs before joining forces with suppliers of raw materials and manufacturers of goods. Furniture, textiles, and accessories made in Belarus are sold in IKEA stores around the world.