Interesting Fact As IKEA Hires Business Developer In Belarusian Market

Sweden-based home furnishing giant IKEA is looking for a business developer to work in the Belarusian market. What is so unusual about the vacancy?

Buy Belarusian in IKEA!

The thing is that despite Belarus annually produces goods for the Swedish retailer IKEA for €80 million. Furniture, textiles, and accessories are sold in IKEA stores around the world.

And still, Belarusians don’t have the opportunity to buy any of them without traveling abroad. Besides, a furniture manufacturing factory will be built in Grodno in the near future.

Okay, back to the vacancy, which is a part of the “GO BELARUS” strategy by Sweden. The employee will be responsible for the procurement of goods and work with suppliers.

“A quick glance at job description: securing excellence in running operations by optimizing the purchasing possibilities, developing the performance of existing Suppliers and finding new ones.

This way Business Developer is building an efficient supplier structure. He/she is also responsible to co-ordinate Purchase Team group work to ensure the best result,” the Belarusian Embassy in Sweden writes.