“I like milk and Minsk”. Bjoerndalen Is In Belarus Preparing For New Biathlon Season (And A Baby)

The “King of Biathlon” and husband of the Belarusian star biathlete Darya Domracheva Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is spending time in Minsk. The sportsman is getting ready for the start of the biathlon season in Raubichi sports complex and is waiting for the birth of their baby.


“It’s not my fisrt time in Raubichi. I really like the roller track here, and running in the forest. The shooting range is a challenge, you have a lot of wind here. You can practice in an indoor shooting range when outside conditions are bad or if you want to do some special training. It’s a fantastic arena”, he told the journalists.

Speaking about his time in Belarus, the Norwegian said he especially likes local cuisine.


“The food is good, you can get almost everything. The traditional food is also interesting, a little similar to what we have in Nordic countries. I really like milk products, looks like they’re healthy. What I also like about Minsk it that it’s a clean city. It has a beautiful park in the centre, which is amazing for a big city”.

Answering a question about where he might live in future, Bjoerndalen said: “Darya is building a house here, so we’ll what will be possible in future with the worl and everything”.


He was asked whether he will be helping his wife to return to sports after she gives birth.

“She will train with her coach, she knows whta to do for a nice comeback. I thinks she will be strong, but she needs a little bit of time”.


Portrait of Darya Domracheva is seen Bjorndalen’s super trailer – his training center and house on wheels.

Bjoerndalen intends to stay in Belarus till the birth of their baby: “We expect a healthy child, it’s not so important if it’s a boy or a girl”.

The couple expect the happy coming next month. Darya Domracheva and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen got married on 16 July.