IT Breakthrough! Number Of Belarus’ HTP Resident Companies Up By 25%

The Supervisory Board of Belarus’ Hi-Tech Park (HTP) give the green light to the registration of new 46 resident companies.

And more are coming!

After the president’s fateful decree №8 and the appointment of a new head of the HTP, the number of the residents increased from 88 companies to 238 residents.

“The number of HTP resident companies grew by a quarter from 192 to 238.

This is the first such dramatic one-time increase in HTP’s history which spans more than a decade.

The park’s impressive growth is caused by the adoption of the Digital Economy Development Ordinance by the Belarus president in December 2017.

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The IT community has praised the document and has taken reciprocal steps in return,” the HTP representatives remarked.

Experts stress that fears that the HTP will become a “sandbox for the elite” didn’t come true.

Most of the companies registered in the park are startups that will take advantage of all benefits provided by the document.

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“Some of these companies have earlier stayed away from joining the HTP but the ordinance have changed their opinion and encouraged to register in the park.

12 out of the 46 new resident companies have been set up before 2016.”

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Clear and transparent conditions in the IT sector created by the ordinance were also mentioned as one of the factors of growth.

The new resident companies focus on in-demand lines of business and technologies:

  • AI software development (neural networks, machine learning, computer vision);
  • augmented reality – Wannaby, Camera First Development, Canoe, Twistellar, and other companies;
  • BigData software development – Big Data Technologies and SpiralScout;
  • IOT software and hardware development – Klika Tech;
  • precision farming software development – OneSoil.

Five new companies – Clevetura, VRTEK, Klika Tech, Circuit Engineering Technologies, and Softmax – work with software and hardware.

Wiseweb, Intermech, Service-Partner, and Softmax focus both on exports and domestic market.

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The park’s representatives also note the increased trust of foreign investors in the HTP and IT business infrastructure in Belarus.

Recall that for the first time in the HTP’s history its resident companies exported software development services worth over $1 billion in 2017.

Sources: TUT.BY, BelTA