How To Order Taxi And Use Taxi Apps In Minsk

Minsk is a comfortable city to travel by public transport, but if you want to enjoy the speed and comfort of getting around it by taxi, there are some things you should know.

From taxi apps to fares – useful tips from the locals.

Taking a taxi in Minsk – most valuable tip

The first thing experienced locals would say to any visitor – do not take a taxi in Minsk in the street!

Taxis that aren’t ordered via an app or via a call-center may have tariffs very different from the city’s average. In fact, the law does not prohibit individual taxi drivers from setting up any tariff they’d like (you can find a fares list stuck to a dashboard or front window in such taxis, or not find it at all).

So, a 10-min ride can easily cost 100 Belarusian rubles.

A list with fares in a taxi in Minsk. Photo: TUT.BY

The same holds true about taking taxis in front of the central railway station, a club, a bar, etc – the drivers would be actively offering rides but you’d better think twice.

Better use an app, wait a few minutes and get a ride without money surprise.

Taxi apps in Minsk

Up until a few years ago, ordering a taxi in Minsk was a quest for non-speakers. Now the problem is non-existent – numerous taxi apps have solved it.

The biggest of them is probably Yandex Taxi, a Russian rival of Uber. If you want to use the latter in Minsk, you’ll have to download the local version (only available from a store here).

Other popular taxi apps include NextApp, 135, IQ, Laim (Lime) but the number of taxi services is not limited to them.

If you want a premium taxi service, your choice would be the pricier Taxi Bavaria or Taxi5.by.

How much does a taxi ride cost in Minsk?

Unless it’s a New Year’s Eve, a rainstorm or Friday’s rush hour, an average cost of a taxi ride around Minsk downtown would start from Br4-5* (~$2.5) to Br10* (~$4.8).

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Most apps offer various payment options, either by card or in cash (needs to be set before the start of the ride).

The average waiting time is 7-10 minutes if you’re on the outskirts, or as fast as 1 or 2 minutes if you’re leaving Zybitskaya.

How much does a taxi ride from/to Minsk airport cost?

This is likely the most popular question among visitors.

A fair price for a taxi ride from or to Minsk airport is around 30* Belarusian rubles – that’s the price you will pay at the airport’s official transfer service or if you order a taxi via an app.

Should you risk to take an offer from random taxi drivers typically queueing at the arrivals, be prepared to pay more – often way more (see the most important tip about taxis in Minsk).

Mind that it is better to book the airport’s transfer in advance. If you want to call a taxi to Minsk via an app, there’s free wi-fi. Otherwise, you can always travel to the capital by buses or mini-buses that are running every hour.

* Prices are valid as of the date of the publication.

Sources: TUT.BY, Minsk Guide/YouTube, Relax.by.