Officials Reveal How Many Tourists Visited 2nd European Games In Minsk

35,000 foreign tourists came to Minsk for the 2nd European Games, the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus Sergei Kovalchuk revealed.

213,000 tickets sold!

Ticket sales reached 213,000, the official said in a recent interview. Of them, 12,700 were purchased by foreigners, according to the official.

“Other 7,000 were invited by various public organizations to participate in the Games. This makes 20,000 visitors. Plus, 15,000 ticket packages were sold by travel companies.”

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The total official number of guests from other countries is 35,000, Kovalchuk said. “Not to mention the guests who came on their own,” the official added.

2nd European Games took place in Minsk on 21-30 June 2019. The Games were named one of the biggest sports events of the summer with 50 participating countries, 15 sports, and over 4,000 athletes. The leader of the medal count was the Russian team with 109 medals. 221 Belarusian athletes won 69 medals, including 24 gold ones.