Hotels And Locals Raise Rent Prices During 2019 European Games

Hotels will fix prices before and during the 2nd European Games 2019 in Minsk, this is what local authorities promised tourists. Journalists checked Booking.com to compare prices both in hotels and private apartments in early summer and on 21-30 June.

The Europeans Games will make noise from June 21 to June 30, which means the foreigner will come for at least nine nights. Let’s open Booking.com and compare the prices for apartments during these dates and 1-10 June.

The fact that prices for rental housing at the time of the event are different is seen at the stage of entering the search parameters for the budget. When the budget is limited to $56 per night, there are 364 options available in early June and only 56 during the Games.

Skryhanava, 4A

Apartments on Skyhanava, 4 A, from June 1 to 10 will cost $382 for nine nights, including taxes and fees.

Photo: Booking.com

For the same nine nights during the European Games, the apartment will cost $1249. The difference is more than three times!

Internacyjanalnaja, 14

In early June, one will have to pay $720 (taxes and fees included) to spend nine nights at the apartment on Internacyjanalnaja, 14.

Screenshot: Booking.com

During the Games, the same apartment can be rented for $810. It comes with a note that this is the lowest price in Minsk for these dates.

Praspekt Dziaržynskaha

Bulbash partments on praspekt Dziaržynskaha with will cost $478.8 for nine nights in early June + taxes and fees.

Photo: Booking.com

During the European Games, the apartment can be booked for $2,592. The difference in price is 5.4 times.

Sputnik Hotel

Turns out that despite the promises, prices in locals hotels during the European Games are also rising.

For instance, in the Sputnik Hotel there’s only one available suite during the Games. Its price is $756. The price for nine nights remains the same at other times.

Screenshot: Booking.com

When booking a double room with two separate beds, the price is different. For nine nights before the Games, one will have to pay $408, during the Games – $570. The difference is $162.

Planeta Hotel

On 21-30 June, a standard double room in the Planeta Hotel with two beds will cost $ 234 or $720 for nine nights.

Photo: Booking.com

Hilton Hotel

The DoubleTree by Hilton Minsk is not an exclusion, prices here before and during the European Games differ markedly.

Nine nights in a double room with two separate beds will cost $1116 (the price without the discount was $1,620). At the time of the European Games, this room has been already booked for $1,805.

Screenshot: Booking.com

The difference is $689 dollars, that is, more than one and a half times. Nine nights in a room with a king size bed in early June will cost $ 1,188 or $ 1,425. During the European Games, it will cost $ 2,808 and $ 3,258, respectively.

As we see, at the time of the second European Games rental prices will be different from those that are right now. This particularly concerns private apartments.

Hotels that were supposed to “freeze” prices, apparently, also succumbed to the temptation to earn an extra penny.

Besides, the market dictates the terms – there are almost no offers, therefore, visitors are left to take what is left and at the prices that exist.