VIDEO: Hip Carriage Rolls Out In Minsk Metro

If you’ve used Minsk metro these days, you might have seen an unusual carriage painted by Brazilian graffiti artists.

Graffiti inside the metro? Why not!

4th edition of Belarusian-Brazilian festival Vulica Brasil has moved from the streets into the underground.

Brazilian duo OSGEMEOS painted one of the carriages of Minsk metro with a bright multicultural graffiti.

Vulica Brasil minsk metro

Photo: Yulia Savich, Vulica Brasil/Facebook

The draft was approved by city authorities and took several days to transfer from paper to life.

One side of the carriage shows the main sights of Minsk and famous Belarusians.

The other sends warm messages from the sunny Brazil.

The unusual cart is riding metro’s second line (Aŭtazavodskaja) since 4 September.