PESA High-Speed Diesel Train Will Run From Grodno To Minsk

On 24 July, the Belarusian Railway will launch a new diesel train running from Grodno to Minsk. DP6 train is manufactured by the Polish company PESA Bydgoszcz SA.

The six-car rolling stock has 311 stationary seats, including 25 first class seats, its maximum speed is 140 km/h, the ministry said.

 Belarusian railway train grodno minsk

Photo: the Belarusian Railway

The new train is pretty comfortable, its backrest and armrests are adjustable for armchairs, all seats are provided with individual sockets for recharging gadgets. Also, passengers will have access to the wireless internet and on-board media server.

There is a multifunctional area for transportation of passengers with impaired functionality, passengers with strollers, bicycles and large luggage. Other features include an air conditioning system in each carriage, lowered floor and doors with retractable steps.

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Last year 3 six-car diesel trains of DP6 class were delivered to the railway, three more trains are expected in 2020. Trains of this type have been running on the Minsk-Vitebsk route since this December.