Slow Traffic, Flight Delays As Heavy Fog Blankets Minsk

Heavy fog has caused disruption for travellers, with a number of flights in Minsk National Airport being cancelled or delayed on Friday morning, 25 October.

Starting 9 am there were eight delays of international flights from places such as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

minsk airport fog delays cancellastions

For example, the plane, which was supposed to arrive from Sheremetyevo Airport at 10 am, is now expected at 1 pm. The flight from Kyiv is one hour late, and another from St. Petersburg is two hours late.

Besides, three domestic flights to Russia were also delayed. A Minsk Airport spokesman said there were minor delays but no international cancellations, weather conditions didn’t affect the work of the airport.

minsk airport fog delays cancellastions

Travellers waiting for their flights were report provided with water and sandwiches. Passengers are asked to check Minskl Airport’s website for the latest flight arrival and departure information.

Earlier, Bureau of Meteorology reported the low-lying fog that reduced visibility to 100-500 metres in parts of Minsk and other regions. Drivers have been warned to take extra care navigating along the roads.

Source: TUT.BY