Happy Birthday, Mr. President! 63rd Year Of Belarus’ Leader In 12 Pictures

Today Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’ longruling head, gets 63 years old. As a rule, the date is not followed by any lavish festivities and the President spends this day working.

However, Alexander Lukashenko prefers to celebrate his birthday on 31 August.

In 2010, some changes were made into the official biography of Belarusian President: his date of birth was changed from 30 August to 31 August, 1954.

Why? The press service explained it with documental confusion back in 1950s – Lukashenko was born at night between 30 and 31 August.

But when his youngest son Nikolai was born on 31 August, Alexander Lukashenko found out from his mother that his actual birthday is on 31 August, too.

The 63rd year was very eventful for Alexander Lukashenko, and included the meetings and deeds anyone hardly expected from the President. Have a look!

Alexander Lukashenko

In August 2016, Belarusian leader hosted American actor Steven Seagal in his estate. Lukashenko treated the movie star with carrots and watermelons he practically grew with his own hands prompting numerous memes on the Internet.

In September we saw the president on his Harley heading a column of bikers at the international bikers’ fest in Minsk. In the photo you can see Nikolai, 12, on the passenger seat and president’s eldest son Victor following on another motorcycle.

In November Alexander Lukashenko paid a working visit to the UAE. But then remained for a two-day rest at the invitation of the hosts. After the visit the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan personally saw the Belarusian head of state off.

Alexander Lukashenko

In January president and his team won Christmas International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament in Minsk for the 10th time.

Alexander Lukashenko

Next month Alexander Lukashenko witnessed Belarus tennis team gloriously win a trip to Fed Cup‘s semi-final.

March was devoted to art and IT. Alexander Lukashenko visited Minsk offices of Banuba Development and EXP Capital and promised to promote the future of IT sector in Belarus.

In April Alexander Lukashenko took part in subbotnik a, day of volunteer unpaid work on weekend,..

… and won another hockey prize.

In June, Belarusian leader sent well-wishes to university graduates at the annual graduation ball.

Next month we saw President heading the Independence Day parade as usual.

In August Alexander Lukashenko went into the fields. He monitored the harvesting campaign, taught journalists to harvest grain with a sickle and harvested on ATV together with his youngest son Nikolai.

All work and no rest continued with harvesting potatoes on president’s farmstead. A total of 105 tons on the eve of his own birthday!

Source: TUT.BY