Handmade Tank! Man Builds Full-Size Replica Of WWII Battle Vehicle In His Backyard (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

History enthusiast spent two years to re-create a light Soviet WWII tank T-60 from scratch.

Igor Tutov and his vehicle are celebrities in their village Machulishi, located at some 30km from Minsk.


The man says that making a tank prototype was a pleasure for him, because “a human should always be interested in something and have a hobby”.

Having no access to the tank’s design documentation, Igor had to use photographs for reference and study numerous books. He even traveled to a museum of military vehicles in Russia with his wife.

“We spent three days there so I managed to take pictures of T-60 from all angles, which was very helpful in my work.”


Belarusian Igor Tutov spent two years to re-create a prototype of a light Soviet WWII tank T-60 from scratch

The man says he was inspired by the uneasy fate of the model. The T-60 scout tank was a light tank produced by the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1942. It was designed in haste on the basis of T-40 in the shortage of military vehicles. A petrol engine and weak armor led to the fact that T-60 tanks fired up like candles.

“I have many friends scavenges, and they tell me they sometimes find fragments of T-60, but never managed to find at least one whole tank”, so Igor set to work on the model because he didn’t want the tank to be forgotten.

He gathered the tank from scratch, assembling parts from everywhere – road wheels and tracks were bought from the military, engine and drivetrain ‘borrowed’ from the old Soviet truck.

The prototype actually has no original details at all.


Parts for the tank prototype were bought from everywhere

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The engine uses gasoline, its capacity is about 180 horsepower


Igor tried to re-create the design in detail, so the tank weighs about 6 tons like the real T-60

The vehicle came to weigh almost 6 tons, close to the real T-60. Its creator believes that his tank can accelerate up to 70 kmph though he never drove it so fast.

Igor sometimes drives the tank around the village and takes local kids for a ride for fun.


“Once police came here to check if the machine gun is real. They made sure it’s just a tube and even took some pictures with the tank!”

The man’s son Danila, 14, shares his father’s passion, and helped him with the reconstruction. The two also play the World of Tanks together.

“I am a patriot, so I play only on Soviet tanks. My favorite model is T-34-85. Someday I might built its replica as well, but I don’t want to reveal all of my plans yet!”

Source: TUT.BY. Photo credit: TUT.BY, kp.by.