Half Of Marriages In Belarus Ended In Divorce In 2018, Most Of Them – In Cities

Belarusians formed over 60,000 new marriages last year, but over 33,000 marriages ended in divorce. Most divorces were registered in the Vitebsk region, TUT.BY reports.

88% of all divorces occur in cities, and women are more frequent initiators of separation.

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Over the past decade, divorce rates have been declining. Their number fell from 70% in 2000 (per 1000 families) to 54% in 2018. The tendency is associated with the fact that Belarusians marry later, i.e. marriage becomes a more weighted decision.

As for the reasons why Belarusians divorce, experts mention alcohol abuse, family and domestic conflicts, bad living conditions, lack of housing, and cheating as primary factors. The reluctance of one of the spouses to have children is a new factor that has emerged recently.

Belarusians wait longer to marry, Minskers – the longest

The age of concluding the first marriage has been going up in Belarus.

According to the National Statistics Committee, the average marriage age for men is 28.1 years, for women – 26, while in 2005 it was 25.7 years for men and 23.5 for women.

Minskers marry the latest – at 28.9 years and 27.1 years accordingly; people living in Brest region – the youngest.

Also, in 2018, 62 guys and 443 girls under 18 entered early marriages. Early marriages are most frequent in the Gomel region.