VIDEO: Quick-Reaction Guy Escapes Death As Piece Of Cladding Falls From Above

A lucky guy from Vitebsk in Belarus avoided hard consequences from a falling object thanks to quick reaction. The accident was captured by a CTTV camera.

Street is a dangerous place, but how often do you really need to watch out and escape death?

The incident took place near a shopping mall in Vitebsk on 18 September. People were walking past the building when a large slab came falling from above.

The young man managed to escape the place of the fall by a few centimetres.

Luckily he raised his eyes a second before and saw it coming.

Following the scene other passers-by either froze in fear, or began to move away from the building.

The 26-year-old hero of the thriller is named Alexey and works in the building.

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He didn’t immediately realize what happened.

“I turned around, saw pieces of cladding on the ground, laughed and continued my way,” he told TUT.BY.

26-year-old Alexey is married and has a small child

“I understood it only when watched the video with security later. Everyone was shocked.”

He added it was a very windy day and with all the noise outside Alexey didn’t hear anything: “I still don’t know how I managed to react and jump off.” 

He also didn’t expect it would make his famous – the video went viral when Alexey posted in online.

Source: TUT.BY