Brief Guide On Online Registration For Foreigners In Belarus

Online registration of foreigners in Belarus has been operating for two weeks now. The process didn’t go as smooth as expected, therefore, BelarusFeed decided to create a small guide on the procedure.

Step 1

Go to the unified portal of e-services portal.gov.by, choose the preferred interface language (By, Ru, Eng), and register as a new user using your email.

Step 1 is to create an account on the unified portal of e-services. Screenshot: https://portal.gov.by/

Check your e-mail incoming messages (look for oais.portal.gov.by), a link to set a password on the portal should be sent to your e-mail.

Click on the link that will redirect you to the website.

Register with your email. Screenshot: https://portal.gov.by/

Set a password to the site.

It should contain: capital Latin letters, lowercase Latin letters, special characters(\! “# $% & () * +,. / :; <=>? @ [] ^ _ {|} ~). It should be at least 6 characters long and don’t exceed 16.

Set up a password and repeat it in the second line. Screenshot: https://portal.gov.by/

Step 2 

Log in to the website →  click the Available Services tab → choose the Citizenship and Migration category → press Order and confirm it → proceed with completing the application.

Online registration is available after signing in into a personal account. Screenshot: https://portal.gov.by/

Step 3

Fill in an application.

First and last names have to be written as it appears on your passport using Latin or Cyrillic characters. One kind will suffice.

Enter your passport data, insurance, date of entry, and the address of the residence. If one enters the country via the visa-free travel program, he or she does NOT have to enter visa information.

Fill in an application. Screenshot: https://portal.gov.by/

Type with care before sending.

If at least one character is mistyped, if the border crossing date is incorrect, or some fields are empty, a user will be denied registration.

Step 4

Double-checked? Time to send! Mind that after submitting your application you cannot make amendments.

After the application is submitted, a successful registration notification will be sent.

In case there are any problems, the user will be advised to contact the nearest citizenship and migration office.

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Foreigners don’t have to carry a proof of the successful online registration. However, a hardcopy of the screenshot of the successful registration notification can speed things up during a control procedure at the border.

online registration belarus

Foreigners share their online registration experience on BelarusFeed

The application can also be filed by the applicant’s representative via his/her account. Those preferring old-school registration can do that at the department of citizenship and migration upon arrival.

In case if any problem during the online registration process occurs – call +375 (17) 218-55-08 during working hours or +375 (17) 229-30-00 (extension number 713).

Things to observe

To extend the registration at the same address a foreigner had to apply to the nearest citizenship and migration office in person.

If a person enters the country via the Russian border, he or she has to apply for registration to the departments of citizenship and migration upon the arrival, too.

Who should and shouldn’t register?

Recall that foreigners entering the country via the visa-free travel program and staying in Belarus for more than five days, (weekends and national holidays excluded) have to register.

Travelers staying at hotels, sanatoriums, and guest houses, will be registered by their hosts. Citizens of Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Kazakhstan can stay in Belarus without registration for up to 30 days, Russians – for up to 90 days.