Guide To Minsk Party Streets

Nightlife in Minsk is booming like crazy, not a weekend in summer going without a new opening. Although the sky is the limit, the variety of food and party options has expanded to an extent when one can actually choose where to chill depending on the mood. 

Here’s the guide from a local who (humbly) considers herself an expert in going out that will help you sail confidently in Minsk party streets.

minsk party streets

Going out on a Friday night in Minsk has changed 180 degrees in the past five years or so.

I’ve recently realized I remember the hipster Kastryčnickaja in the times when there were only two cafes and not a single hipster (because they didn’t exist back then) and the first bar opening at the-then deserted Zybitskaya

Minsk party streets were growing and attracting more visitors. Imagine that only a couple years ago bar hopping in those streets was considered exotic, careless and even detrimental to the youth morality – some locals were seriously concerned and advocated for the police to keep an eye on those places.

At present, life in Minsk cannot be imagined without ‘partying in Zybitskaya’ – neither it is reserved to students or IT community anymore.

Let’s leave the morality aside and focus on the main question many ask themselves on Friday: where do I hang out tonight?

Four streets, four worlds

I’d like to state that all the classifications in this guide are based on my and my friends’ observations as well as the word of mouth. I am not a Michelin guide inspector or a cocktail’s connoisseur so I am not going to rate or name certain bars, pubs or cafes.

Rather, I’d try to explain the difference in the atmosphere and mood of Minsk party streets so you can sync your next destination with your party mood – and get the most of parties in Minsk

Although there are more than four gastronomic streets in the Belarusian capital, I’d focus on the most bustling ones – Zybitskaya, Kastryčnickaja, Karl Marx and Revaliucyjnaja.

Whatever your interests are, these four are likely to offer something to any visitor. In case they don’t you can always wind up in a club or Tsentralny.

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Ready? Let’s get the party started!

Wining and dining in elegant Karl Marx


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Of the four streets in this guide, I’d recommend starting your evening in Karl Marx street.

Lined up with low-rise Soviet-style houses, it simultaneously has a slightly old-fashioned European ambiance. Hence, the people who spend time at the cafes and bard in Karl Marx – you will hardly spot blue-collars or hipsters here but will likely see couples, families, and foreigners.

In a way, Karl Marx street is the least homogeneous of Minsk party streets in terms of food choices. The places here vary from posh restaurants – one of them is among the priciest in the capital – to less formal cafes, wine bars, and pubs.

The street is richly covered with terraces during warm seasons so it’s nice to take a stroll observing people.

There have been a few new openings recently but I’d advise, after a sound meal, to taste the sweet and sour (that’s a hint!) drinks at one of the oldest cocktail bars of Minsk, located right at the heart of Karl Marx street.

Dance and small talk in romantic Revaliucyjnaja


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As the sun nears the horizon, it is time to move to downtown. One of the highlights here is Revaliucyjnaja street, that has undergone major renovations in the past few years and has turned into a new magnet for the young and trendy.

The regulars here are as elegant as in Karl Marx – the outsides of some bars actually remind a fashion show – but younger. Alongside bars and cafes, the street accommodates an art gallery and creative offices, which sort of determines the public there.

You can spend time on the terraces in the yards, fuel up with seafood or lumberjack food, or listen to live music at a club that draws Minsk tech people (no explanation to that).

Revaliucyjnaja is very Instagrammable but can get boring after a while. Come by, have a drink or two, check out the rest of the quarter – adjacent streets have a similar atmosphere but less eating and drinking spots – and move along.

Time to raise the stakes!

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Party hard in bustling Zybitskaya


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The street with the most controversial reputation of the four party streets deserves it.

There’s a bit of everything – cuisines, fast food, music (well, often too much of music), street performers – and there is a lot, like REALLY A LOT of alcohol. Zybitskaya actually has the highest density of bars in the city. No wonder it is the most crowded and loud of the party streets in Minsk.

Some people complain that Zybitskaya lacks class and resembles Moscow’s Arbat of the early 2000s. Oh well, who cares about the N-th shot?!

Chill and meet sunrise in artsy Kastryčnickaja


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After you’ve seen it all – all of the partying in Minsk, that is – you might want to just reflect and relax. There’s no better place in Minsk to do that than in Kastryčnickaja.

It is located slightly off the city center, so you will have to walk. But that’s also the advantage of this party street – it has formed a distinct and dedicated party mixer.

Ofter labeled ‘the hipster’ street of Minsk, Kastryčnickaja does have that feel but is not limited to hipsters at all. Art people, young entrepreneurs, upcoming business sharks will all hang out here.

You can attend an exhibition at Y Gallery or an educational event at OK16, shop and get a tattoo at Dandy Land, lounge inside or outside one of the pubs and hold long conversations, dance to techno and even get food at 5 am – a rare deal for Minsk.

A short afterword


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Naturally, the fun in Minsk spills beyond the four streets I have described in this guide. It is exciting to see new places opening up and sad to see old places go.

Minsk might not as gourmet as Paris, as relaxed as Rome, as diverse as London, as open as Kyiv and as ground-breaking as Moscow, it has its own charm worth to be discovered.

Savor and appreciate Minsk for what it is, give it more time to catch up and bloom and be sure – Belarus capital can surprise you a lot!

Preview image: Dimid Vazhnik.

Tell us where you partied best in Minsk! Add your reviews in the comments!