Welcome To Guest House In The Most Unusual Location In Belarus

Ever wanted to book a hostel room with a nuclear power plant view? Now you have a chance with the BelNPP soaring above a guest house not far from Astravets, Grodno region.

Marvel at the sights, revel in the sounds, and soak up the local atmosphere.

Two houses stand alone right at the foot of the Belarusian nuclear power plant. One is completely dilapidated, all sooty and blackened with a kerosene lamp fumes.

Surprisingly, the other looks well-maintained and pretty welcoming. Recently renovated the house is rented out, Realt.by reports.

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The house has electricity, its own sewage system and two bathrooms. A volleyball court was set up near the house, as well as a football field in the adjacent territory.

In total, the cottage accommodates 12 people, and the owner plans to create a farm.

“I was thinking about countryside tourism. After all, the place is very unusual. Surely, there are plenty of skeptics afraid of the nuclear power plant nearby.

I personally got acquainted with some documents and can say that the level of protection against radiation is very high,” says the landlord’s trustee Andrey.

The Belarusian nuclear power plant is a multi-reactor nuclear power plant project that is expected to give the country full energy independence.

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It foresees construction of two nuclear reactors between 2016 and 2020, and probably two more reactors by 2025. The first unit is planned to be set into operation in December 2019.

The electricity generated by the BelNPP is to be used in the manufacturing, agriculture, transport, IT, housing and utility sectors.