New Eye-Catching Graffiti Appears At Minsk National Airport

A new graffiti mural appeared at Minsk National Airport to greet visitors from around the world coming to Belarus.

The flight-themed artwork can be found on the third floor of the airport near the children’s playground.

There are a Belarusian stork, a balloon, an airship, the Wright brothers flying machine, a propeller-driven Douglas plane and the world’s largest passenger airliner Airbus A-380.

Passengers but also guests of the airport have an opportunity not only to track historical development of the world aviation but also get aesthetic pleasure.

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According to authors of the project, it took about three weeks to create the layout concept.

The painters visited the airport to feel the atmosphere, talked to experienced aviators, studied a lot of material on the history of aviation.

“After all, our task is not only to draw something, but also to tell the story without using words.

Together with the airport, we tried to make this project accessible to every person regardless of nationality and age.

The national airport is a perfect place to implement such a project,” Sergey Sorokin, one of the graffiti artists, said.

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Minsk National Airport got in the top ten most punctual European airports, according to the latest Fly Stats ranking.

It is Belarus’ first international airport that has been certified for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001.

Next year, the airport plans to increase the passenger and cargo traffic along with the number of departures, while raising the quality of air services and non-aviation services.

Source: TUT.BY