Hallo Moscau. German Fan Travels Through Belarus On Vintage Tractor To World Cup 2018

Hubert Wirth is a 70-year-old man from the German city of Forchheim, who went on an unusual journey on a vintage tractor. The football fan who plans to reach Moscow on 14 June for the World Cup opening is driving through Poland and Belarus.

On a tractor with his dog.


On 4 June, the tractor with a beer barrel trailer (which is actually a converted mobile bath) crossed the Polish-Belarusian heading forward to Moscow across Belarus.

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The vintage Lanz Bulldog 1936 tractor goes at a speed of 15-20km an hour and only around rural roads.


In the afternoon Hubert stopped for a snack in a small village and bought Belarusian bread, lunch meat and coffee at one of the roadside stores.

On his way to Moscow the pensioner is accompanied by his dog Hexe. At home, Hubert had a wife, two adult children and a grandson.


To the idea of travelling to Moscow on the vintage tractor his family members reacted with understanding.

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For the last twenty years he has traveled exclusively on his Lanz Bulldog.


The desperate football fan jokes that he and his vehicle are almost peers.

“The tractor is freedom, it allows me to get acquainted with Belarus and its people, who are very hospitable.


You have a beautiful country, and the first thing that caught my eye was the absence of garbage. 

Everywhere is very clean,” the German pensioner shares his first impressions.


Before retiring Hubert worked as an auto mechanic at the Mercedes plant, now he spends a lot of time with his tractor.

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He says that this model is completely mechanical and demonstrates how to start it.


The unusual vehicle parked on the sidelines attracts much attention of the locals.

Now and then curious passers by stop to take a look and a photo of the gimmick.


After Moscow the old man plans to get to Saint Petersburg and then by ferry to Finland, and back home.

Despite the fact that Hubert speaks only German, he admits that he is not afraid of going to Belarus and Russia.


Moving along the Belarusian roads at a slug speed, frequent stops and admiring picturesque landscapes give Hubert a real pleasure.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m a pensioner and can afford such a trip.”

Source: TUT.BY