German Gets Lost In Minsk, Locals Invite Him Home And Treat With Draniki

Martin Meister from Germany who disappeared on Sunday morning in Minsk and was found a day later is fine. Today he will come back home but this trip to Belarus he will never forget.

Martin along with other Germans arrived in Minsk last Tuesday to explore the city and go to the wedding of their friend Christopher and Daria on Saturday.

Martin Meister

For unforeseen circumstances, the wedding was canceled and it was too late to refund tickets, so the groom’s pals decided to stay in the country.

On Saturday, instead of the wedding, the group of friends accompanied by the would-be bride walked around Belarus’ capital and went to the club.

At some point, the woman left them and on Sunday afternoon they called her to tell that Martin had been missing. The bride reported the case to the local search-and-rescue team which published his BOLO on social media.

What happened?

Turns out that Martin, who lived with his friends at a hostel on Storozhevskaya street, decided to leave the club to go home at about 2 am.

The young man was pretty sure he knows the way, but apparently, chose the wrong direction and ended either outside the city or in some kind of park.

The phone’s battery died and so he kept walking along the Svisloch river until dawn before coming across a group of locals chilling in open air.

“This is when Belarusian hospitality popped up. They fed him and offered to stay with them. I don’t know how much time he spent there but then they invited him home to eat draniki.

The most interesting part of the story is that none of them spoke English or German and Martin doesn’t know Russian, but this didn’t stop them from hanging out together.

Apparently, when there are alcohol and good mood the language barrier disappears. I don’t know why Martin didn’t ask for their phone to call and he can’t explain it either,” Daria says.

The German guest spent pretty much time in the company of hospitable Belarusians and returned to his hostel only on Monday night, but couldn’t remember how he did it.

“His friends were very worried about him, from time to time they searched the area around the hostel and finally found Martin peacefully sleeping nearby,” the woman said.

Happy ending

Unlike his friends who left Minsk on Monday afternoon, Martin missed his plane and flew back home on Tuesday, 18 June.

When leaving Martin, as well as his fellows, said that they liked Minsk a lot and promised to come again to Daria and Christopher’s wedding in Belarus.

Source: TUT.BY