Made In Belarus! Photo Of Gérard Depardieu Appears On Belarusian Sausages

An unusual meat snack – kabanos with a photograph of Gérard Depardieu on its label – was spotted by Twitter users in Moscow supermarket.

Turned out that the producer of the dry sausage is a Belarusian company.

The photos of the French actor also appeared on the whole confit leg, raw cured sausages with mold, duck fillets and foie gras mousse.

Journalists found out out why such sausage are not sold in Belarus and whether the actor allowed to use his photo for promotional purposes.

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According to “Gallereya Vkusa” company, the image of Gérard Depardieu is used under the conditions of license agreement.

All designs were discussed with him individually. Besides, the actor visited the factory when looking for producers of traditional French delicacies in the CIS.

After tasting the foods he was left satisfied with the quality and signed a cooperation agreement.

Interesting fact, products with the face of the famous Frenchman on them are exported to Russia, in Belarus they are sold without it.

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“The licensing agreement with Gérard Depardieu allows our company to deliver European delicacies to the Russian market.

In Belarus we sell these same products but use a different package and our own brand.

Taste and recipes are no different from those that are sent to Russis.

To put it simply, we first created our product, and later entered into a licensing agreement,” said Pavel Jushma, the company’s brand manager.

Source: TUT.BY