Late Shutov Found Guilty, Witness To His Death Imprisoned For 10 Years

On 25 February, the court in Brest pronounced its verdict in the case of the late Gennady Shutov, who was fatally wounded in the head during the 11 August protests, and his friend Alexander Kordyukov. Judge Svetlana Kremenevskaya found Shutov and Kordyukov guilty of violent resistance, Kordyukov was also punished for the attempted murder of a person in connection with the performance of his official duties. As a result, he was sentenced to 10 years in a maximum-security colony. Shutov was convicted without a sentence.

Accused Alexander Kordyukov. Photo: Roman Kislyak

Both victims of the special operations forces, who, according to the prosecution, were attacked by the residents of Brest, had previously refused to ask the accused for compensation. The verdict has not entered into legal force and can be appealed. Recall that Gennady Shutov was mortally wounded during post-election peaceful protests in Brest on 11 August 2020. On that day, captain of the special operations forces Roman Gavrilov and warrant officer Arseny Golitsyn were sent to maintain public order. During the first hearing, the prosecution presented its version of the events that happened.

The prosecutor said: “On 11 August, at about 10.30 pm, Shutov and Kordyukov purposefully approached Gavrilov and Golitsyn near houses No. 334 and 336 on Moskovskaya Street. Having identified in them the persons who performed the duties of protecting public order, Shutov and Kordyukov made claims to the servicemen in connection with the fact that they identify persons participating in unsanctioned mass events. In the process, Kordyukov hit Gavrilov with a metal pipe. After the blow, Gavrilov pulled out a PM pistol given to him for duty and fired a warning shot into the air, and then, together with Golitsyn, went to Shutov and Kordyukov to suppress their illegal actions and arrest them.

Continuing his actions, Kordyukov threw a pipe at Golitsyn, hitting him in the hand, and began to run away. Golitsyn began to pursue him. In the process, he fired two shots from a PM pistol, but Kordyukov disappeared into the crowd. At the same time, Shutov, with the use of violence, resisted Gavrilov, who was performing the duties of protecting public order, grabbed the latter by the leg and tried to knock him to the ground. Taking into account the deterioration of health after being hit by a pipe on the head, the real danger to life and health, as well as the threat of forcible seizure of the firearms and ammunition entrusted to him, Gavrilov, in order to suppress Shutov’s illegal actions, decided to shoot him in the right shoulder. At the moment of the shot Shutov, who continued active violent aggressive actions, shifted to the side, as a result of which the bullet hit him in the back of the head.”

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Alexander Kordyukov pleaded not guilty. According to Kordyukov, events developed differently. On the evening of 11 August, Gennady came to his garage. They drank about 350 grams of tincture for two and went towards the Trade Union House of Culture to see what was happening there. When they approached the intersection of Moskovskaya Street and Partizanskiy Prospekt, the noticed a crowd of people. Gennady and Alexander went to the parapet to house No. 334. The accused had a piece of metal pipe in his hand, which he had picked up “for self-defence.” They stood on the parapet and watched the protests from afar. After about 40 minutes, Gennady and Alexander noticed two men next to them and approached them. According to Alexander, he wanted to ask them what was going on.

“Instead of answering normally, one of these guys [Gavrilov – Ed.] hit or pushed me into the body, from which I fell off the bench,” said the accused. “In response to Gavrilov’s actions, I instinctively struck him with a pipe somewhere in the area of ​​his left thigh. Definitely not in the head. I didn’t hit the head. Then I again climbed onto the bench, Gavrilov and Golitsyn turned towards us and, stepping back a little, took out their pistols. (…) Some of them shouted: “Face down, freaks, I’ll shoot you.” There was a gunshot from their side. With peripheral vision, I noticed that Gennady, being to the left of me, begins to kneel, holding his hands behind his head.

As far as I remember, at that moment he was standing with his back to Gavrilov and faced Moskovskaya Street. Golitsyn at this time pointed a pistol at me, aiming at my head. Fearing for my life, I began to run away, throwing a pipe on the ground so that I could run. At that moment, I heard a gunshot from the direction of Golitsyn in my direction. I saw a flash from a shot and heard a characteristic sound. Golitsyn began to chase me, shouting something. When I ran away, I heard the sound of two shots. The materials of the case indicate that that one shot was fired by Gavrilov at Shutov, and the second by Golitsyn in the air, a bullet hit the ceiling of the balcony,” 

Alexander Kordyukov stressed that he did not know that Gavrilov and Golitsyn were servicemen. On that day, they were dressed in civilian clothes and had their guns in belt bags.