Witness Of Gennady Shutov’s Death Now Suspect In Attempted Murder Case

Alexander Kordyukov has been charged with attempted murder. On 11 August, he was with Gennady Shutov when the latter was fatally wounded in the head during the protests in Brest. Radio Svaboda reports this with reference to Alexander’s sister Marina.

Initially, Alexander was charged with interference with an employee of the internal affairs bodies. The sanctions of this article provide for up to 5 years in prison. Then the charge, according to his relatives, was changed to attempted murder. Earlier the Investigative Committee described the incident with Shutov and Kordyukov as “attacked employees carrying out public duties”. It can be assumed that Kordyukov is now accused of attempting to kill someone “in connection with the person’s official activity or performance of a public duty”.

A pre-trial detention center on Volodarskogo Street in Minsk by @alexvdrone

Now Alexander faces from 8 to 25 years in prison or life imprisonment [in accordance with article 67 of the Criminal Code, the death penalty is not imposed for attempted crime]. The term of detention for Alexander Kordyukov was extended until 15 January. He is in a pre-trial detention center No. 1 on Volodarskogo Street in Minsk. The investigation of the case has already been completed, the parties are getting acquainted with the materials. The man’s sister was allowed to meet Alexander in the pre-trial detention center only once in four months.

“He’s not complaining. Obviously, he was shocked when the charge was changed. But then he pulled himself together. He worries, of course. Why the article was changed was not explained to us. They just forced us to face the fact. Sasha also got acquainted with the materials of the case, but he does not know why this happened. The lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case. She does not see any evidence of Alexander’s guilt. Sasha does not make contact with investigators, does not communicate with them,” said Marina.

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Recall that 44-year-old Gennady Shutov died on 19 August in a military hospital in Minsk. He received a gunshot wound to the head on 11 August near house No. 334 on Moskovskaya Street in Brest. At this time, spontaneous mass protests were taking place in the city. First, he was brought to the Brest regional hospital, and then transported by helicopter to Minsk with a diagnosis of “open penetrating gunshot wound to the skull, brain contusion-crush, multiple fracture of the cranial vault with transition to the base.”

According to the Investigative Committee, during the 11 August protests in Brest, he was “unintentionally wounded in the head from a weapon during an on employees carrying out public duties.” The relatives of the deceased do not agree with this version. Gennady’s daughter Anastasia sent appeals to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee with a demand to initiate a criminal case under the article for the murder of her father. In a response letter, she was told that there were no sufficient grounds for this.

On 6 October, at a meeting with students, the prosecutor of the Brest region Viktor Klimov said that the Brest resident “committed unlawful acts”. “The case is now under investigation. The second person who was with him at that moment was detained [Alexander Kordyukov – Ed.]. He was hiding for a long time. At the moment he has been identified, detained, and is giving evidence. When there is a trial, you will know the details.”

Source: TUT.BY