Saint Patrick’s Day Gastrofest In Minsk! 10 Hearty Food Sets For $6

Saint Patrick’s Day is in the city! A new edition of the food festival Gastrofest takes place in Minsk from 12 March to 17 March.

Top bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes of the capital offer their guests 10 delicous Saint Patrick’s Day food sets for 12 BYN (~$6).

A special Jameson set of drinks can be ordered for 5 BYN (~$2.5).

4-4-2 Bar

A grilled sandwich with Chili Con Polo sald and cheese, sandwich with tuna salad served with greens.

A sandwich with homemade peanut butter, whiskey jam and marshmallow for a dessert. Mmm…

Where: 6, Zybitskaya street

Clever Irish Pub

Are you a fan of burgers and Mexican food but still want to be fit? This set is your perfect option!

The pub offers a mini burger with chicken, mini burger with brisket, mini-taco with spicy chicken, mini-tacos with grilled salad and mini-tacos with ragged meat.

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Potato pieces, french fries, Cole Slough salad and spicy tomato sauce are also on the list.

Where: 5, Gikalo street


Prepare for a variety of tastes!

Here you will be served a quesadilla with chicken, potato croquettes, a smorerebro with pâté and onion marmalade, a crepe roll, barbecue and tartar sauce.

And a piece of a honey cake to satisfy your cravings for something sweet after a hearty meal.

Where: 16, Oktyabrskaya street


Irish corned beef with crispy crust, venison sausage,  young chicken grilled fillet, red stuffed with onion beef are waiting for you at Friends cafe.

The dish erved with champ from potatoes, dark beer sauce, pumpkin and spinach puree.

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Hope you will find some place in your stomach for a Dublin beer cake with walnuts, vanilla ice cream and a chocolate-beer sauce.

Where: 40, Kulman street


Barbecue chicken wings with garlic and sweet and sour sauce, crunchy nachos, spicy cheese balls in fragrant greens. Just for the start!

Then go baked sweet pepper with cheese and bacon, a bruschetta with pink salmon tartare and radishes slices, rye bruschetta with beef and beef tartare.

A bruschetta with Parma ham rolls, delicate pate with white baguette, celery, cucumber, carrots in Dorblu sauce conclude the gluttony list.

Where: 25, Nezavisimosti avenue

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Mind that Gastrofest is extremely popular so it’s better to book tables in advance.

Gastrofest is a series of food festivals to introduce Minskers and its guests to top kitchens and chefs of local restaurants.

You can also leave a review and give your vote for a set or place you liked the most on the official website of the event.

Find all participants of the festival and their sets here.