How White-Red-White Symbols Of Protest Entered Hearts And Houses Of Belarusians

Over the past few months, a white-red-white historical flag of Belarus has become one of the most significant symbols of the protest movement. First, people used it in response to pressure on candidates, arrests of potential presidential candidates, bans on rallies in support of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Especially many flags appeared on houses after the wave of unprecedented violence against peaceful protesters in August.

Authorities waged a war against flags, ribbons and random objects, including t-shirts, towels and even bras and pants, recreating colours of the flag. Utility workers, firefighters and police officers were sent to remove the symbols from buildings and other public places – without any explanation. In time, intimidation and reprisals became harsher. First, people were fined for having flags in their own windows and balconies, then they were arrested for “picketing” without permission.

Despite threats, fines and even arrests, national symbols can still be found in many windows, windows of freedom. Below are just some of them spotted by the TUT.BY photography service.

Source: TUT.BY