Already 4 Patients With Coronavirus In Belarus

Since our last coronavirus update three more people were diagnosed with coronavirus in Belarus! 

Let us recall that the first infected was the Iranian student of Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU). He arrived from Baku to Minsk on 22 February and week after he was tested positive for the 2019-nCoV coronavirus. BNTU switched to an individual study program: classes in the classrooms were canceled. The people he contacted with were hospitalized for medical observation.

Then the father of his girlfriend was named the second infected according to the first test. But the result is required to be rechecked. The tests of his girlfriend and her other relatives were negative.

On March 1, the Belarusian Ministry of Health reported that one of the test samples taken from a woman from Vitebsk region revealed an RNA fragment that might be attributed to the coronavirus. A woman and her two co-workers were asked to a healthcare institution for tests as they just arrived from at-risk country, Italy. Her colleagues were tested negative.

On March 3, the fourth coronavirus case was confirmed.

«One of the tests performed on a citizen of the Republic of Belarus, isolated for medical supervision in connection with close contact with one of the infected patient, revealed the RNA of coronavirus», – said the Ministry of Health.

Final results were promised to be announced after in-depth laboratory tests. But as healthcare institutions note, «all coronavirus patients under medical supervision are in satisfactory condition now.»

As for March 2, 271 people were under quarantine. And more than 5 thousand tests of biomaterial for coronavirus were made.