Large-Scale Fountain Overlooking Svisloch River Will Appear In Minsk

A large-scale foutain complex will open in ​​Yanka Kupala Park in Minsk this summer, the Minsk-Novosti agency reports.

The singing fountain on the Svisloch river is a gift of the Russian Sberbank to the city. It will feature dancing water, LED lights and music.

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Photo: BPS-Sberbank Press Service

It is currently being installed in Minsk center. There is a video with visualization of the object, which will open on 3 July  this year.

“The idea was born in Sberbank and implemented by our engineers. I won’t reveal all the secrets,” said Chairman of the Board of Sberbank German Gref.

The complex will have a form of a 90×16 meters rectangle. It envisages 199 streams with 92 nozzles, side arches, rotating streams, fans, lilies and a water screen for multimedia showя.

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“There is not much work here, we will complete it before June,” said Director of the Gordorstroy State Enterprise Alexander Yaroshik.

Officially, the fountain will be located in the Yanka Kupala Park, which is a historical and cultural value.