Unbelievable Adventures Of Foreign Skateboarders In Minsk

A team of skateboarders from different countries spent a couple of days in Minsk this summer. And took the most of their trip by running away from guards, admiring Belarusian women, and tackling the huge marble monuments.

The footage about the journey of the daredevils in Belarus’ capital was published by Thrasher skateboarding magazine.

It shows just some of the landmarks – Minsk Hero City Obelisk, the Mound of Glory and The National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre  – that were tested by a skateboarding squad from Germany, France and Belarus.

“Belarus sounded really exotic to our western ears. We were imagining a truly Soviet country and it was a big surprise when we saw it so modern and clean.

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I must admit it was a bit disappointing. The clip is pretty fictional, this is my view of a post-Soviet country than it is in reality,” explains videographer Guillaume Perimony.

He also noted that the city impressed them with a strong skate scene, security guys who are always on point and stunning beauty of local women.