Foreigners In Belarus Will Be Able To Register Online Starting January 2019

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will simplify the registration procedure for foreign citizens in Belarus, pravo.by reports.

Online and free.

Kevin Chavanne, the tourist from Estonia, is at the Departments of Citizenship and Migration

In the near future, the situation will change and foreigners will be allowed to stay in Belarus without registration for 10 days. Besides, the procedure will be available via the internet and will be free of charge.

Step forward

One of the initiatives of the ministry is to extend the stay of foreign citizens without registration for up to 10 days.

True, the lawmaking process takes time, so the end of next year is regarded as more realistic when amendments to the duration of registration-free stay will come into force.

“The visa-free entry shows that we are opening up to the world. Accordingly, it is important to soften the migration rules and make all procedures as convenient as possible. 

By the way, it would be great to have a reciprocal step from the European Union like the simplification of the rules of entry for our citizens.

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After all, Belarus is a country that does not represent a migration risk for the EU.

A large number of visas issued annually by European countries to our citizens proves it,” Vitaly Naumchik, the First Deputy Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department, said.

Another innovation is registration via the Unified portal of electronic services. Testing of the service will start in December and will be made available in January.

It means that in line with the new rules, foreigners will no longer have to personally show up at the registration agency. Registration via the internet will be free.

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However, foreign guests will still have the opportunity to register in the local departments of citizenship and migration but will have to pay a fee.

The questionnaires will be available in English and Russian. The decision to simplify the procedure was taken due to the increasing tourist flow and the country’s investment attractiveness.

Recall that at the moment tourists who stay in Belarus for more than five days should register in a local department of citizenship and migration, hotel, hostel or at the place of stay.