Foreigners Can’t Stop Joking About Belarus’ Reaction To COVID-19

Around one in five people around the globe are under lockdown, as the world keeps fighting coronavirus pandemic, Belarus reacts like no other.

There’s no nation-wide quarantine and life goes on as usual, well, kind of. True, some companies allowed their employees to work from home, some universities and schools don’t mind if students skip classes and the Ministry of Health recommended the elderly people to go outside as rarely as possible.

Nonetheless, there are many who believe that these measures are insufficient. The start of the season of the Belarusian Premier League only made things worse, since Belarus became the only country where football and hockey matches were not suspended. No wonder, foreigners from around the world couldn’t help but start joking about it.

Just check some of these tweets and pretty popular TikTok video:

@evrajutiktokwhen coronavirus visited Belarus, I was like. ##evpr ##coronavirus ##coronatime ##belarus ##gomel ##foryoupage ##foryou.♬ original sound – evelynnwilsonn