By Swimming, On Foot. French And Latvian Try To Enter Belarus Illegally

The citizens of Latvia and France tried to illegally enter Belarus – one did it on foot, the other by swimming.

In recent days, two citizens of the EU tried to illegally cross the border of Belarus. The press service of the State Border Committee of Belarus reported this in their Telegram channel.

On 10 April, a 31-year-old native of Algeria and a French citizen tried to cross the Western Bug from Poland by swimming. The final destination of his journey was Russia.

belarus foreigners cross border illegally

On April 12, another intruder was detained: a Latvian citizen crossed the border of Ukraine with Belarus in the vicinity of the village of Svaryn, Drogichin district.

He told the border guards who had detained him that he was simply trying to get home. Later it turned out that the 27-year-old man is on the international list of the individuals wanted by INTERPOL.

This is not the first time foreign citizens are trying to come to Belarus illegally. Last November border guards detained a Nigerian citizen with a forged passport. He broker the law in order to study in Belarus.

Also, in August, border guards stopped an Austrian who was walking on foot from Poland to Belarus for permanent residence in the country. Two months before that another foreigner from Denmark was detained for walking from Poland to Belarus on railway tracks.

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