Mogilev Vs Cardiff. UK Man Compares Capital Of Wales To Belarusian City

Mogilev versus Cardiff? Some might say it’s impossible to compare the cities so different and so unique. A UK man Mel Rogers, who has lived in Belarus for six years, won’t agree with you. There are similarities and differences you couldn’t think of, he claims.


Most people strive to own their own homes in the United Kingdom and Cardiff is no exception.

With fast-rising costs, there has been a rise in the rental market for apartments maintained by housing associations and private landlords.

mogilev cardiff

A modern sculpture called Alliance in Cardiff. Photo: photoeverywhere.co.uk

The comparison with Cardiff is fairly obvious. Many families in Mogilev live in rented accommodation, while private independent homes take a minor part.

Prices for private housing in Mogilev generally appear to be much lower and stay fairly static. The rental market is also pretty stable.

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New apartment blocks are being built at a fast rate to replace the aging buildings.

Safety and crime

I have never felt threatened in either city, but Mogilev has an air of safeness about it. It may be a feeling or there may be hard figures to prove it, but I go with Mogilev on this subject!


Like Mogilev, Cardiff does not have a metro system. The bus system is similar although more private operators are to be found in Cardiff. Both cities offer a good regular service.

Regarding rail services, I guess both cities need to provide a more dynamic operation to attract commuters away from congested roads and reduce pollution.

mogilev cardiff

A street in Mogilev during the city celebrations. Photo: TUT.BY

Taxis in the cities are very similar and plentiful. As to bicycle friendliness, here I am perplexed. In Belarus, it is illegal to cycle on the roads while in the UK it is illegal to cycle on the pavement.

Neither city offers a great cycle track system and from the point of view of as a bicycle owner, it could and should be improved.

Eating out

I miss the variety of choices in Cardiff. There are so many options for eating out starting from takeaways to high-class restaurants.

Cuisines from many countries abound, mmm. Although Mogilev may provide less choice of cuisines, what we have is comparable in quality.

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In shopping, Mogilev is no competition for Cardiff, sorry. Fruit and vegetables appear to be fresher and meat prepared more attractively.

Leisure and fun

Where can I start? The difference is immense!

In the center of Cardiff is a stadium that accommodates 74,000 spectators. It has restaurants, bars, and lots of fast food spots.

The 2017 European cup final between Real Madrid and Juventus took place there. Cardiff is a sports-mad city!

mogilev cardiff

A pedestrian shopping street in central Cardiff. Photo: photoeverywhere.co.uk

Olympic size swimming pool, Premier League football stadium, athletics and cycling stadiums, wild water rafting center, artificial snow center – sadly the list goes on.

Mogilev also has a stadium that holds 7,500 spectators but it still has much to be desired.

As for cinemas, in Cardiff, one can enjoy the latest standards of audio and visual effects. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Mogilev.


Free medical attention is provided to British people at the point of need. It is a great and mainly reliable service.

As to Belarus and Mogilev in particular, I have been to a hospital on a few occasions and I received excellent treatment.

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The biggest difference is in the provision of small surgeries and non-emergency treatments such as colds or muscle treatments.

Those who have insurance or want a different level of service with shorter waiting lists, private medical services are available.

Jobs and career

Mogilev is a few years behind Cardiff in economic development and good high paying salaried jobs not often available.

mogilev cardiff

The central square in Mogilev. Photo: TUT.BY

Cardiff developed financial services, insurance services, media production facilities, tourism and the infrastructure to support these.

These provide above-average salaries and feed the economic pace. Meanwhile, Mogilev is developing its own model to provide a better job and career environment. It takes time.


I think there is little difference in the air that I breathe in Mogilev to the air in Cardiff.

I could complain about potholes in the roads, poor domestic water supply, and inadequate drainage, but they also exist in Cardiff.

mel rogers cardiff mogilev

Mel Rogers, Honorary Consul at the UK in Belarus. Courtesy of Mel Rogers.

I live in Mogilev by choice! Oh, I could complain about many things but I admit that I enjoy living here for many reasons.

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There is a closer bond between people, families are closer and life is at a less demanding pace. Yes, I miss some things, but generally, Mogilev, with all its faults is my home and where I plan to

Text by Mel Rogers.