12 Crazy Questions About Belarus Foreigners Ask Online

As life shows, Belarus still remains one of the most undiscovered and mysterious countries in the world. There are many things that leave a foreigner baffled when one comes to Belarus for the first, second and even third time (thanks to 5-days visa-free stay in Minsk and 10 days in Grodno and Brest).

BelarusFeed asked its readers to tell us what questions are bothering them and what they find weird or amusing about our country, people or traditions. And this is what we got.

1. Why do Belarusians adore potatoes?

BF’s reply: Belarus is believed to be the most potato-loving nation in the world and not without a reason!

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Statistics say that an average Belarusian consumes 171 kg of potatoes a year, which is one of the highest figures in the world.

2. What is the best beer?

BF’s reply: Well, this question took us aback. There are seven breweries producing various sorts of beer in Belarus.

Lidskaye beer, Krynitsa, Alivaryia, Dvinsky Brovar, Polotsk beer, Brest beer and Heineken that will work under the name of “Bobruiskiy Brovar” starting 1 February.

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Try some of those to find your favourite!

The beer-lovers will appreciate our guide to the most popular Minsk bars and pubs, where you can arrange your own Oktoberfest any day of the year.

3. How old is Snegurochka?

BF’s comment: Hope we somehow managed to explain the story of this mysterious New Year charachter, read the answer above!

To learn more about winter festive traditons in Belarus and feel like home if invited to the New Year party check out this guide.

4. Any nostalgia for the USSR?

BF’s comment: It’s hard to speak for the whole nation, so we won’t.

But yes, we still some Soviet architecture, cult places and shops of that time, our secret service is called KGB but you won’t see Lenin statues on every corner.

5. Why so serious?

BF’s comment: Yes, we don’t smile much but there’s a good explanation for that.

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But if you still want to befriend a local, use  this guide to break the ice between two of you.

6. Why Belarusians don’t speak their native language?

7.  Poland + Belarus?

BF’s comment: Looks like Poland is more into it, huh?

8. Are there any marriage-oriented girls?

BF’s comment: We think this article featuring stories of four European men who are married or dating Belarusian women we’ll speak for itself.

9. Is it cold there?

BF’s comment: No, we don’t have Siberia or Antarctica temperature and don’t wear fur coats all the time.

10. Belarusian or Belarussian?

BF’s comment: It’s Bela-RUUUU-SIAN.

11. Where are all the pets?

BF’s comment: At homes probably? We should admit that there are not so many cafes or restaurants in Belarus where you can take your fluffy friend to.

Maybe this is one of the factors why you don’t see too many dogs and cats on the streets.

But we still have lots of parks for our minions to hang out and have fun with their owners.

12. Where to play curling?

BF comment: Probably the most tricky question but we still ready to help you with that. Try to contact or Belarusian Curling Association for the consultation!