Foreigner Wanted To Study In Belarus So Badly He Used Fake Passport

Border guards detained a Nigerian citizen with a forged passport at Minsk Airport. As it turned out, he decided to break the law in order to get into the BSUIR, the State Border Committee reports.

The unnamed man arrived from Istanbul in the Belarusian capital on the evening of 27 November. For registration, a foreigner produced a Senegalese passport, but airport employees became suspicious with his age.

The document indicated that the bearer is 25 years old, while the traveller looked much older. Special security check confirmed that the passport was altered. After detention, the illegal immigrant admitted that he, in fact, is 37 years old citizen of Nigeria.

He also explained that he decided to use a fake document due to fear of age limit for entering a Belarusian university. The foreigner was registered as a border violator and was put in a temporary detention centre to establish his identity.

FAQs For International Students In Belarus

This is not the first time foreign citizens are trying to come to Belarus illegally. Recall that this August, border guards stopped an Austrian who was walking on foot from Poland to Belarus for permanent residence in the country.

Two months before that another foreigner from Denmark was detained for walking from Poland to Belarus on railway tracks. The illegal tourist carried a driver’s license, expired passport and maps of Belarus and Russia with him.

If you are one of those longing to visit Belarus or get education here, no need to break the laws. Foreigners can now enter the country visa-free, check out all visa-free options, as well as they can enter local university. Here’s the FAQs guide about higher education international students might find interesting.