Foreigner Helps Out Models, Grandmas And Government Officials

Giving and sharing is the master key to success, in all applications of human life. This is the credo Zev Zukerman lives by and believes to be the one and only way for a person, society and country to thrive.

Zev arrived to Belarus four years ago not knowing anything or anyone.

His love-at-first-sight for Belarus started with the simplicity of ordinary life and, as he reluctantly admits, the beautiful and “sweet” Belarusian women.

Soon that love transformed into a real passion for the country, its culture and people.

Zev had an easier path to understanding the culture of Belarus that most foreigners. At age 5 his Jewish family immigrated from Odessa, Ukraine to America.

He speaks Russian at home where there is always a clash of cultures. No wonder the 35-year-old has a soft spot to the post-USSR countries, where he feels like home.

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However, he is not an ordinary tourist, besides exploring countries, having fun and making friends, he loves to help those who needs it the most.

He is not a public person, from time to time he shares random and planned acts of kindness with his friends on social media.

Now he feels it’s the right time to show people that generosity, love and kindness to others is love and kindness to yourself.


Walking the immaculate streets of Minsk, the guy from San Francisco likes to talk to lonely old ladies and support them financially.

The only purpose of such conversations is to give babushkas sincere human attention and put smiles on their faces.

In one of such videos Zev is seen talking to a grandma in Gomel who was selling some onions at the street.

“So while visiting the wonderful city of Gomel, I started approaching grandma’s and offering them money.

The ones in Belarus (unlike Ukraine) never take it right away-especially if it’s a large sum. It’s almost like they are too proud to have someone make them feel like a beggar.

I A/B tested different approaches with different amounts and found the ideal solution: offering them 5 rubles ($2.50) for one unit of whatever they are selling.

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5 rubles is about what they expect to make in a day selling most of what they have. This grandma had two batches of onions laid out and she was ready to sell me each one for a ruble.

I have found 5 rubles to be the ideal amount that allows me to financially support them without lowering their level of self esteem.  

Anything larger and they don’t take it and sometimes react negatively to my overture.

Any denomination smaller than 5 rubles is coins and I can’t bring myself to give those grandmas my spare change,” Zev commented on the video.


In the age of ego-centerism Zev believes that “kindness to others is kindness to yourself” is the only right way of living.

“Success in job or career doesn’t always mean success in personal life. I’ve met many different beautiful ladies, many of them professional models.

Ladies who you would think have no reason to be unhappy but they are. They are beautiful, they’ve made it into modeling world.

Their faces is on the cover of magazines and pages of catalogue. Yet, they are sad, low energy and unhappy.

So I decided to help rejuvenate one of them by sharing my secret the way I charge myself up.”

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This is when he met a professional model Kate Kosushkina and decided to show what it feels like when you stop focusing on your feelings and pays attention to people around you.


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Today I would like to tell you a story about my experience, which I received because of Zev @flattergram , who showed me how making good things can change your mind and feelings inside you. I feel so positive after sharing emotions with people who needed some help. When you give some energy you receive much more back. So making good things can change world inside you, change world for some person and change world at all. It could be some simple things for a few minutes or some big help. We spend so much money to go to some bars or going to any vacation when we are down. But the main thing that we don’t change our self by this things. A few dollars and positive energy which you give to someone will make you fill better than drinking alcohol for sure. So let’s break all stereotypes and make some kindness for free!

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The model who was burnt out a bit sad and worn out with personal life issues found such a positive energy from her experience that she immediately decided this should become a routine part of her life.


Zev who was once a professional ladies pickup artist, a lifestyle coach for multimillionaire tech executives of Silicon Valley and a natural networker with a humanitarian heart now has a new purpose.

“Belarus is an invisible spot on the map for many Americans.

No matter how many laws you pass to attract businesses, when the country is invisible so is all the beneficial laws.

This is not the fault of anyone, it’s the reality of America having very little understanding of this region. 

When the country has a small brand, legislation to encourage investment is not enough. I see another path of getting more foreign investment and interest into the country. 

There’s still much bigger opportunities, but to sell executives into investing into Belarus requires relationship building and a large network of influential people.

At the moment I plan to bring at least one company or investor to Belarus per month.

Besides, I am working with officials from Ministry of Foreign Affairs and President Administration,” Zev shares his plans for the future.

However, when executives trust their intimate dating lives to Zev, they trust him a lot and they take his advice about Belarus seriously.

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How seriously? Enough that they jump on a private jets and come to a place that in their minds is as remote as Africa.

This is what’s been consuming Zev lately. He is constantly in talks with Silicon Valley executives and selling them on Belarus.

As we finished this article, he just finished getting Ethos Lending inside Belarus High-Tech Park (HTP).

Acting as a conductor between the country, HTP and high profile SV millionaires, Zev believes he can make a difference for Belarus.