Foreign Minister To UN: No Reason For Particular Attention To Belarus On Human Rights

International institutions have no reason for exclusive attention to Belarus on the subject of human rights, and Belarusian cities are some of the safest in the world. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei said this at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

The Foreign Minister noted that today human rights have become a favourite pretext for “so-called mature democracies” for arbitrary accusations against those states that fulfil their obligations in the field of human rights, strictly following international treaties, and not their biased interpretation. Vladimir Makei believes that this is done in order to politically discredit the authorities of these states, which do not fit into the Western picture of the world and to eliminate this power at any cost.

Vladimir Makei Belarus sanctions

“[…] A favourite toy of Western countries in the form of economic sanctions, which they actively use to put pressure on other sovereign states, is absolutely incompatible with concern for human rights, for a human. Such tactics constitute a flagrant violation of the principles of the Declaration of International Law, established in 1970, which proclaims that no state can either use or encourage the use of unilateral economic, political or other measures in order to subordinate another state in the implementation of their sovereign rights,” said Vladimir Makei.

The Foreign Minister once again stressed that the Belarusian authorities have never claimed that Belarus is a perfect country, but they categorically disagree with the subjective accusations of human rights violations voiced by some UN Human Rights Council members.

“There is no reason for exclusive attention to Belarus on the subject of human rights, other than solely for the purpose of political pressure on the legitimate government. No country in Europe is under such strong pressure from Western countries as Belarus. It seems that someone cannot get used to the idea that, despite tough economic and political pressure, the Belarusian state is developing not along the lines of Western countries, but the way the Belarusian people decide on their own interests.

For this independent position, Belarus was subjected to a brutal attack from abroad. The reason was the dissatisfaction of a part of the population with the results of the presidential election. In order to overthrow the current government, all sorts of mechanisms were used to destabilize the internal situation: from fake news in social networks; stimulation, political and financial support of the so-called “spontaneous” protests from abroad to extensive sets of political and economic sanctions. But Belarus lived, we preserved the country, its sovereignty and independence,” said Makei.

In his speech, the minister also mentioned the Belarusian People’s Congress. According to Makei, the discussions held during the forum and its decisions convincingly confirmed the support of the majority of the population for state policy to promote the economic and social rights of people, the cohesion of the Belarusian people and its focus on constructive changes in social and political life, including the upcoming constitutional reform.

“We can proudly declare that Belarusian cities are one of the safest cities in the world, that all citizens in our country are provided with employment opportunities, the right to a pension, free education and one of the most affordable and effective systems of free medicine in the world,” said Makei.

According to the head of the Foreign Ministry, the policy of Western countries on total isolation, restrictive measures during the coronavirus period exposed systemic socio-economic and social problems and led to a massive violation of human rights in relation to their citizens.

Source: TUT.BY