Can’t Pay At Belarusian Websites With A Foreign Card? Here Is What The Problem May Be

My foreign colleagues can’t pay for tickets at Belarusian websites, a Minsker wrote on Facebook. She said foreigners often face problems when they try to pay for tickets to concerts or theatre with a foreign bank card.

What may the problem be and what should you do, if your card gets declined as well? Journalists of FINANCE.TUT.BY asked banks for answers.

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Problems occur with both American and European cards. Likewise, both Visa and MasterCard get declined.

“We tried to buy tickets to theatre, concerts, festivals, museums,” HR manager Amina Idigova told journalists. “We tried ticket operators Ticketpro and Bycard, as well as the websites of the places themselves. Once you come to the verification stage, your request gets declined.”

“So if a tourist wants to plan sightseeing in Minsk (or Belarus), they need someone with a Belarusian card, otherwise payments don’t work,” Amina shared.

The problem seems to exist only for online payments – ATMs and payments through terminals work perfectly.

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Activate 3D Secure

So, if you are trying to pay online at a Belarusian website and your American or European card doesn’t seem to work, the problem may be in 3D Secure option being inactive.

Every case is different, but one of the possible reasons for declined cards may be 3D Secure, a representative of Assist Belarus, a provider of electronic payments, told FINANCE.TUT.BY. Check with your bank if this security option is active for your card.

Sometimes limitations for payments may be set by a foreign bank.

“Sometimes services or online stores together with an acquiring bank block the possibility of payments from some countries,” a representative of Alfa Bank Belarus said. “But this  limitation most often applies to countries with a high risk of fraud, for example, Asian or African countries.”

Another thing to mind if you have an American card and want to pay online at a Belarusian website is the type of your card. In the United States, credit cards are more common than debit cards – and the former have cross-border payments disabled by default.

“To activate that option, you need to contact the bank that issued the card,” Alfa BankBelarus speaker told FINANCE.TUT.BY.

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Contact the ticket operator support 

The above mentioned solutions may work, but every situation is different, experts say.

In each individual case, it’s better to contact the support of the website you’re trying to pay at to resolve the problem.

Generally, there are no problems with payments by foreign bank cards in Belarus, experts conclude.