Mad Love: Girl Gets Two Years Of Probation For Stalking A Priest

Olga, a young Belarusian girl, did not stop at nothing to canoodle a priest she was in love with, including inflicting damage on his property and defaming him online. The case was recently taken to court that sentenced the girl to two years of probation.

The story of the obsession was published by a local newspaper.


Screenshot: “Sex and the City”

The girl was born and grew up in Lida, a city with about 100,000 inhabitants located in the west of Belarus, 35km from Lithuanian border. Olga met her future love during summer holidays that she was spending at her Grannie’s in the countryside. He was handsome and older – and she fell in love at first sight.

The young man choose to dedicate his life to religion, and studied to become a Catholic priest. He was later assigned with one of the churches in Lida, and “accidentally Olga turned out to be a parishioner of that church”.


One of the Catholic churches in Lida, Grodno region

She used every opportunity to meet her beloved and confess her love to him. The young priest was patiently explaining to Olga that religion prohibited him to marry and have children. But she would ignore it.

After a while the priest was transfered to a neighboring district, and – probably because of melancholy and separation – Olga decided she should take action instead of words. Having found out where her love lives and works, Olga broke into a window in the parish house and stole the number plate from his car. She also posted his pictures online.

The man’s patience cracked in June last year when Olga poured nail polish remover on his car. The priest went to police and the girl was sentenced to 240 hours of community service.

Six months later Olga made up another revenge plan: she changed the name of her social media profile to the name of the priest, sent requests to his friends and started posting pictures of random children trying to convince people they were the man’s son and daughter.

The victim soon found the fake profile and demanded that Olga cancelled it. The girl refused and the man decided to go to police again.

At a hearing in Lida district court Olga was found giulty of libel and given two years of probation.