Where To Eat In Minsk At Night? Late Cafes, Bars And Food Deliveries

Are you a night owl whose stomach starts rumbling when the midnight falls? This guide for foodies on the late cafes, bars, takeaways, and food deliveries in Minsk won’t let you die from hunger.

Inspired by the nightlife guide from 34travel.me.

Fast food


Found yourself in the middle of the night at Kastryčnickaja street?


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Don’t worry, Lauka’s sandwiches and rolls are always here for you. Take them away with hot cocoa or fragrant coffee. If you are really hungry look closely at the “Royal” sandwich, this giant weighs about half a kilo. Mind the place has shift changes at 8.30 am to 9 am and at the same time in the evening.

Where: 23 Kastryčnickaja st.


Here in Minsk, we say all roads lead to Mirazh. This is the place where you can get a good fat shawarma 24/7. A small gastronomical temple that attracts pilgrims even in the dead of night. So if you want to have a piece of it, be ready to wait in a line from 10 am to 6 am.

Where: 5a Kulman st.

Doner Kebab

A shawarma lover paradise with a variety of meat treats that make you feel like a kid in a candy store.


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And if you can’t choose the right one from the menu, feel free to build your own shawarma. Just choose ingredients, consult a chef and enjoy your late night dinner at a reasonable price.

Where: 61 Surhanava st. and 22a Lahojski trakt

Gyros Grill 

Gyros, falafel, and baklava. Do these words make your heart beat faster and your mouth water? Then go straight to Gyros Grill to try some authentic Mediterranean and Greek-style goodies.

Where: 3 Kaliektarnaja st.

Bars and Restaurants

Golden Coffee Cafe

Searching for a way to a guest’s heart the cafe came up with an impressive list of dishes.


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Публикация от GOLDEN COFFEE |ресторан|кафе| (@golden_na_bogdanovicha)

Various salads, pasta, pizzas, fish, and meat delights will make you feel they were genuinely waiting for you.

Where: 26 Maksima Bahdanoviča st.


Being the younger counterpart of The View restaurant, it will give you a food shelter 24/7. The gastro bar bribes with delicious dishes and vintage vinyl records. Mind there’s a dress code, so it’s better to put on something more presentable than your comfy pajama pants.

Where: 12 Kamsamolskaya st.

Bessonnitsa (Insomnia) Bar

Despite bar spirit in the Upper Town, it is easy to find a spot where the menu is rich and personnel is benevolent.


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Публикация от Бар Бессонница (@bar_insomnia)

To combat late hunger, go to Bessonitsa. The place that literally translates as Insomnia regularly receives compliments from the well-fed travelers. Become one of them!

Where: 1 Herzen st.

Actually, Zybitskaya is a safe haven for those suffering from hunger. You can always grab something tasty at Tumany (6 pm – 5 am on Sun – Thu. and 6 pm – 8 am on Fri. and Sat.), Cherdak (5 pm – 3 am on Mon. – Fri.; 3 pm – 5 am on Sat.; 3 pm – 3 am on Sun.) and Don Coffe’on (daily from 10 am to 2p am).

Where: All the bars are located on 9 Zybitskaya street

Garage Cafe

A dozen of cafes around the city will let you recharge batteries in any district. Another pleasant bonus is impressive discounts for takeaways! The menu will suit every taste, whether you are into pizza, sushi or late night hot soups.

Don’t expect refined interiors, electronic beat or gastronomic adventures. Everything here is plain and simple. Don’t feel like leaving your bed? No problem, the cafes work around the clock and have free deliveries within the Minsk Ring Road.

Where: 12 Mahilioŭskaja st, 17 Kal’variyskaya st.

Beer & Wine Bar

The place where wine and beer never stop flowing and hookah smoke creates an atmosphere of high spirits.


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Публикация от Beer&Wine (@beer.wine.bar)

Open 24/7. Undoubtedly, the spot boasts a diverse menu of simple and cheap food with the main focus on the Middle Eastern cuisine.

The bar amazes with its striking gastronomical tolerance. This is where a huge shawarma and Lulah Kebab neighbors a pizza and a herring – French scallop.

Where: 9 Kulman st.

Kvartira No 3

You’ll find your classic bread and circuses at the never sleeping K-3 café-club. This is where an ordinary sober dinner feels like a wild party. Besides various deli platters and mouthwatering appetizers to vodka, there are salads, steaks and even pancakes with jam in the menu.

Where: 3 Kulman st.

Chekhov keeps its doors open until 2 am. Clever Irish Pub (4 pm – 2 am on Mon. – Thu.; 4 pm – 4 am on Fri.; 12 pm – 4 am on Sat.; 12 pm – 12 am on Sun.) and Plan B cafe-bar (12 pm – 5 am on Mon. – Fri. and 5 pm – 5 am on the weekend), you will be treated with a decent dinner, too.

Vegetarian food

Zakon buterbroda

A twenty-four-hour steakhouse that is always ready to brighten up your dull nightlife in Minsk.


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Публикация от Закон Бутерброда (@zakonbuterbroda)

Although the place is not 100% vegetarian, it has a “green dishes” menu that makes it a meeting point for the vegetarians and raw food lovers.

Try grilled vegetables with tofu, a sandwich with dried tomatoes, Japan and Cheesy Burger or a hot dog #2 without any meat in it.

Where: 12, Revaliucyjnaja st.

Working hours: from 9 am to 5 am on Sun. – Thu.; from 9 am to 7 am on Fri. – Sat.

El’ Burrito

Small non-luxurious snack bars with delicious falafel at the heart of the city. During the day the food is good and it is even better at night, right?

Where: 40 Kuibysheva st.

Working hours: from 8 am to 4 am on Mon. – Sat.; 8 am to 12 am on Sun.


If the man won’t come to the food, then the food must go to the man.


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A starter, main course, and dessert are waiting for you at just-eat.by and eda.by. Feels like a good time for a shish kebab? Just google Ochag DRAIV. Want some pizza? Pizza.by (9 am – 3 am on Sun. – Thu.; on Fri. and Sat. it works round the clock), pzz.by, and presto-pizza.by (till 2 am) will help you with that. Have sushi rolls cravings? Look through sushihouse.by and sushivesla.by.