FM: Today Belarus Has No Total Determination To Become EU Member

In an interview with with the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita Vladimir Makei said that Belarus has no intention to demonstrate a total determination to move towards the European Union. “But we do want to establish normal trade, economic, political and other types of cooperation with the neighboring countries and centers of power,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus noted.


The minister stressed that Belarus takes great interest in developing relations with the European Union.

“We are interested in developing relations with the European Union in all fields and areas. For us, it is important to establish normal trade and economic cooperation, because we understand that without no financial institution, bank or campaign will work with Belarus without the approval on behalf of the EU”, Vladimir Makei said.

He added that the country is ready for a dialogue, including on sensitive issues, like democracy and human rights.

Vladimir Makei suggested that in future the EU and EAEU might form a single economic space, but no one knows how the former will be developing in 10-15 years.

“I can’t say that at present we want to become a EU member. I can’t confirm that all Belarusians are enthusiastic about this idea. It is important to consider that this decision is radical and fundamental in nature. In order for such an idea – becoming a EU member or any other idea – to form, you need to get people to accept it”, the offiical explained.

Vladimir Makei pointed out that if the European Union, in its turn, wants to achieve certain success in Belarus, it should demonstrate its appeal to the country.

Source: TUT.BY