Flaming Meteor Spotted Streaking Through Sky Over Minsk + Video

A massive fireball appeared in the skies above Minsk, giving residents plenty of reason to gaze skyward and meteor-tracking group Astronominsk to confirm it was a meteor.

According to Konstantin Morozov, the author of the video, the weather in Minsk usually leaves much to be desired, and he was extremely lucky to spot a fiery meteor streaking through the sky.

“Minsk weather is so-so, one can catch 2-3 and not every night. This time I was lucky, in the gaps that lasted less than an hour, an elephant ran. Most likely from an anti-radiant. Gloss – 8.48m,” he wrote.

The beautiful moment was captured on video and uploaded to a local amateur astronomical forum where others confirmed the sighting. Millions of meteors occur in Earth’s atmosphere daily.

Meteors are small, rocky bodies in outer space – much, much smaller than asteroids. Occasionally they burn up in our atmosphere as they come into contact with the Earth, forming shooting stars.

Source: TUT.BY